Langdon Fowl Mannagrass


Fowl Mannagrass is an underrated favorite food of many species of ducks. Manna just may be the new answer getting you more ducks. 1 lb has approximaly 2 million seeds

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Langdon Fowl Mannagrass

Fowl Mannagrass, which is known by the Mannagrass and Ridged Glyceria. It is native to much of North America, from Alaska and Northern Canada to Northern Mexico. Fowl Mannagrass is a rapidly establishing native species suitable for restoration of swamps, the edges of marshes, ponds, and streams, and other wetland plant communities where an herbaceous understory is desired. It has versatility for use along creeks and ditch bottoms where exposure may vary from full sun to dense shade, thereby improving soil stability beyond the use of woody plants alone. Where this species dominates, herbage production is high. Palatability of G. striata is rated good to very good for cattle and horses which consume both flower stems and leaves. It is rated fair to good for sheep which tend to use only the leaves. The seed is excellent food for waterfowl and birds while the foliage and tall stems provide good wildlife cover. Foliage is seasonally grazed at a light to heavy rate by deer, muskrat, and bears. Elk can make minor use of it as well. Tall mannagrass may be applicable to seeding mixtures targeted to improve species richness and exclude reed canarygrass (Phalaris arundinacea) prior to its invasion. It is occasionally planted as an ornamental in and around backyard ponds. In the Pacific Northwest, tall mannagrass is a long lived, cool season perennial bunchgrass with somewhat succulent stems (culms) that reach a height of 100 to 180 cm. The form is erect, robust, and clumpy despite the production of slow growing rhizomes or underground stems. Rate of spread may vary among populations. Leaf blades are soft, ribbon-like, 6 to 12 mm wide and 15 to 25 cm long. The flowerhead (panicle) is loose, broad, pyramid- like, and 8 to 27 cm long with spreading and drooping branches.

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