Langdon Japanese Millet


Japanese Millet is the likely the most well-known and widely used waterfowl food plot crop. More ducks have been shot over millet than any other food plot plant. With the possible exception of Wild Rice.

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Langdon Japanese Millet

Japanese Millet Seed – Japanese Millet Seed is commonly used for feeding ducks as this millet will grow in flooded soils or standing water. Japanese Millet duck food plots should be planted before the rainy season allowing the plant to sprout and begin growing before the standing water comes in. This millet can handle standing water if the young plant doesn’t become completely submerged. Millet is most successful when planted on prepared soil, although Japanese Millet will germinate and grow just about anywhere. For Duck food plots, plant the Millet early in the summer (June-July) depending on the start date of your duck season. Japanese Millet seed heads will hold on longer than most millet varieties, even in standing water. The seed will slowly drop out of the seed head feeding the ducks over time. Japanese Millet, which is also known as wild Millet, Watergrass or Barnyard Grass, is a reseeding annual with 100’s of varitaty’s. It grows from 1 to 5 feet tall depending on soil conditions, moisture, and length of growing season. It can produce as much as 1500 lbs/acre. Most seed shatters from the seed heads by fall. The fall coolness doesn’t allow it to sprout until the following spring when it begins to warm. It either remains on the ground, in the water, or is consumed by birds rather than germinating. Therefore, it will volunteer year after year. It won’t germinate when under more than 1/4” of soil or 4” of water. As the water recedes, it will sprout both in the shallows and in the mud. Japanese Millet planted at 10 – 30 lbs. per acre planted properly will completely cover the soil and provide plenty of seed for your birds. Japanese Millet is a tall, medium stalked millet that has a 65-90 day life span. Japanese Millet is great for dove fields, duck ponds, deer feed, pheasant feed, cover crops, bird seed, erosion control and much more.

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