Langdon Wild Rice Seed


High in protein and high in calories. Wild Rice is growing in popularity for duck food plot use as the preferred food of waterfowl and other birds.

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Langdon Wild Rice Seed

Wild Rice is an aquatic grass that grows in water 8-36″ deep. It produces more than 2,000 lbs of seed per acre and readily reseeds. It can mature in permanently flooded ponds or seasonal wetlands, provided there is water into July. There is nothing that attracts waterfowl as well as wild rice. Ducks will eat the wild rice seeds in fall. Wild rice does best when planted in fall and allowed to overwinter in the bottom mud of a pond or stream. Typically, you’ll be able to see seedlings under the water in May, and flower heads will appear on the stalks above the water in July or August. This aquatic species reaches mature heights 2 to 8 feet above the water by early September, when ducks and other waterfowl seek it out. Wild rice is native to North America and grows as an annual. Wild rice is also known as “water oats,” “Indian rice,” or “Canada rice.” That’s because it’s the only grain native to North America, primarily in lakes and riverbeds in and around Minnesota and central Canada. Today, however, most commercial varieties are cultivated in man made rice “paddies” in California. The wild rice that was grown and harvested for centuries by native Americans was naturally a brownish-green color. Wild rice producers in the 20th century, however, began to hybridize different wild rice varieties, leading to the commercially dominant style of wild rice on the market today: black-grained. Good water control is important for maximum feed yield.

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