Langdon Wild Rice

Oregon Grown Langdon Wild Rice. Stove top ready! Harvested in the South Willamette Valley, our wild rice has a mild, unique flavor that can only be found from growing in Oregon’s climate.

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Oregon Grown, Langdon Wild Rice is gluten free, all natural and has a unquiely rich taste. Grown in the natually heavy soils and steady rains of the Willamette Valley, our wild rice is native to North America. We are fortunate that Oregon and its Willamette Valley offer some of the deepest and most nutrient soils on the planet. This allows our product to be superior to all others in taste and texture. At Langdon Farms our goal is to provide delicious nutritious farm to table products and inhance habit for wildlife. The Pacific Northwest has some of the puriest spring water and rain water in the entire United States. As more and more acres are being drained for dryland crops and or course urban development, our mission to work with mother nature and the Willamette Valley’s ample rainfall, as grown stronger every year. Wild Rice is the perfect crop to utilize the rich, heavy valley soils and the cool Winter rains of Oregon. Langdon Wild Rice is now avaible, farm fresh and direct from us to you. 1 lb of Wild rice Makes about 8-9 cups of cooked wild rice. It is fantastic for all meals throughout your day, add it to whatever already enjoy to cut your caloric intake and get more protein from each meal without compromising taste.

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Wild Rice Nutrition

Wild rice are four species of grasses forming the gnus Zizania, and the grain tht can be harvested from them. the grain was historically gathered and eaten in btoh North America and Cina.

Nutrition Facts Wild Rice, Raw

Amount Per 1 Cup (160 g)